CBT Lifestyle CoachingCognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to help clients to achieve lifestyle changes to which they aspire but just can’t seem to implement.

Our skilled therapists use CBT to break the cycle of unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour that prevent clients from reaching their own goals. This is done, firstly, by helping clients challenge irrational thoughts that maintain self limiting behaviour and, secondly, to identify underlying negative self-beliefs. Clients are assisted in addressing unresolved personal issues which are preventing them from reaching their full potential and living life as they want to.

CBT Lifestyle Coaching facilitates SMART goal setting; action planning; support strategising and skills enhancement; our therapists support and motivate clients to make the changes needed to achieve their personal goals.

Lifestyle issues which CBT can effectively address:

  • Assertiveness – Stress Management –
  •  Work/Life Balance- Returning to Work- Career Change
  • Alcohol Misuse -Smoking Cessation
  • Healthy Diet – Exercise- Weight Loss
  • Spirituality – Personal Achievement
  • Communication & Relationship Skills
  • Loss, Acceptance and Moving on