What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy which research has shown to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of difficulties.

  • It is recommended by NICE as the first choice in the of treatment in Depression and Anxiety.
  • CBT is based on the idea that the way we feel is affected by our thoughts and beliefs, and by how we behave.
  • CBT helps you identify and change your own unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving.
  • Client and therapist work together in a structured solution focussed way to achieve agreed therapy goals.

CBT Psychotherapy Cognitive Behavioural TherapyWho can benefit from CBT?

  • Anyone can benefit from CBT.
  • However you don’t have to have a diagnosis of any condition to gain from CBT therapy as it can be applied to everyday situations.
  • Those who receive the greatest benefit come along to therapy well motivated and willing to change.
  • It does not matter what your background is as long as you have the desire to get better.

How can CBT help?

CBT Psychotherapy Cognitive Behavioural TherapyCBT can help you:

  • Change your own unhelpful pattern of thinking and behaving
  • Develop new coping skills for new challenges
  • Improve your emotional well being and self confidence
  • Improve your problem solving ability
  • Gain greater control over your moods and behaviour

Cognitive Therapy is a collaborative approach where the Therapist and the client work together to produce solutions to problems that may have been troubling for many years or may have only occurred more recently.