Under direction from our professional regulating body British & Irish Association for Behavioural And Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP&IABCP), and in accordance with current government guidance, we can offer a limited number of individual, face to face treatment sessions to clients who have no Coronavirus symptoms and who are in low risk categories.

The health and safety of both clients and therapists is paramount in delivery of our services, we have introduced the following Covid-19 mitigation measures to help us maintain a safe and comfortable working environment:

  • Clients are asked to arrive for their appointment alone and in time.
  • All clients will be invited to sanitise their hands on entry and exit.
  • Our seats are placed 2.5 metres apart and there is a glass screen between them.
  • All surfaces are sanitised between each appointment, the treatment room is ventilated as much as possible and sprayed with sanitising solution between appointments.
  • Clients are very welcome to wear a face mask or visor but are not required to do so.
  • Therapists will not routinely wear a face mask or visor but are happy to do so should a client request it.
  • All physical contact between therapist and client is strongly discouraged.
  • The length of appointments has been reduced from 60 to 50 minutes to allow for sanitisation and ventilation between each one.
  • To reduce cash handling, clients are asked to bring the correct fee in cash or cheque or to arrange to pay by bank transfer.
  • We ask that clients act responsibly and that they do not attend appointments if they, or anyone in their household or close social network are symptomatic.
  • All cancellation fees are currently waived.

These arrangements will remain under continuous review as the situation evolves and we aim to respond to new developments in a timely and appropriate manner, guided always by client well-being.