Clinical Supervision/Counselling Supervision

Our Clinical Supervision Service offers psychotherapists and counsellors a safe and supportive learning environment in which to explore and reflect upon all aspects of client work.

Working closely with each supervisee we design a dynamic Learning Agreement which best suits individual need and learning style and which acts as a framework for a collaborative approach to supervision.

We provide a calm space away from the pressure, the intensity and, at times, the chaos of client work and offer supervisees opportunities to reflect upon their experience of individual clients so that they may return to clients with new learning and a fresh perspective.

In an atmosphere of professional respect supervisees are free to explore the dilemmas and challenges of client work, without fear of judgment.  This promotes creative thinking and allows new awareness to emerge, ultimately resulting in improved supervisee confidence and enhanced client service.

Business Support Service

In the UK an average of 175 million working days are lost each year due to sickness absence, research indicates that, at least, 40% of that figure is attributable to sickness absence due to mental health problems.  It is estimated that absence directly attributed to work-related stress costs employers around £1 billion per annum.

At Ballymena Cognitive Therapy Services we recognise that the demands of a heavy workload and the stresses of relational dynamics and organisational issues can take their toll on staff at every level of an organisation or business. 

Our Business Support Service offers Cross Professional Supervision to address the personal impact of work related issues and an Employee Assist Service to provide individual support and counselling to employees whose personal difficulties may be affecting their work performance.

 Cross Professional Supervision

Our team is fully qualified in Cross Professional Supervision.  This service provides professionals, from all lines of work, with a calm space away from the demands of their work environment, where within the safety of a respectful professional relationship they can take time to reflect upon all aspects of their work and creatively explore the challenges faced there. 

We offer a supportive environment where supervisees can begin to restore themselves so that they might reconnect to themselves, to the value of what they do and to their passion for the work, ultimately resulting in enhanced personal well being and improved work performance.

 Employee Assist Service

Our fully qualified psychotherapists can provide support and solution focussed treatment to individual employees experiencing a wide range of emotional and mental health issues.

Within the confines of a confidential therapeutic relationship personal difficulties can be explored, unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving can be identified and challenged and employees can be equipped with new skills and techniques that will allow them to feel and to function more effectively both in work and in their personal lives.